Carlingford Foot Clinic caters to people of all ages for the assesment, diagnosis and treatment of all foot and leg conditions. Our Podiatrist is specialized in the prevention,diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of disorders of the foot and the lower limb.


Diabetic Foot Health

Diabetes can cause nerve damage and poor blood flow, which can lead to serious foot problems.

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Corns & Callus Removal

Corns and calluses are caused by too much rubbing or pressure and can be a painful to our feet.

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Nail and Skin Management

We offer help, advice and treatment for a range of skin and nail conditions.

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Plantar Wart Treatment

We offer various treatments to encourage the removal of plantar warts, otherwise known as a "verruca pedis".

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Orthotic Therapy

We help support, protect or correct problems a patient may have with their joints or limbs.

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Paediatrics and Taping

Taping is a technique to reduce pain by maintaining a stable position of bones and muscles.

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Chronic In Grown Toe Nails

We offer permanent surgical solutions for recurring ingrown toe nails called a partial nail avulsion.

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Pathological or Damaged

We recover badly damaged nail using surgical procedure known as a Total Nail Avulsion.

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